Stick People

"They're not very realistic" Max said, commenting on my stick-people version of us.

"How can I make stick people more realistic?"

"Specifically you"

"How can I make the stick-person me more realistic?"

"Rub it out" he grinned.

"Rub it out?"

"Yes. If you were a stick person, you wouldn't be visible"

"Excuse me?" I gasped jokingly.

"You're basically a stick person now, so if you got turned into one, no-one would be able to see you"

"Ugh. Why don't you draw us how you think we'd look as stick people?" I handed him the pencil. He rubbed me out and made Abbie's hair longer. Ben came over.

"No, no. Let's be fair. In stick world, Sara would be visible. So lets put her back and draw the rest of us a bit thicker" he took the pen off Max, put me back and added an extra line to the others. Then he rubbed out his hair and drew it again, lighter.

"What are you lot doing?" Abbie came over and looked at the stick people. "Max's hair needs to be shorter." she took the pencil and rubbed out some of Max's hair.

"You've made us all the same height" Ben said to me, taking the pencil off Abbie. He rubbed out about a centimetre of mine and Abbie's legs, rubbed out Max's head and gave him a slightly longer neck and drew his head again.

"I'm not that short, Abbie's shorter than me" I objected and grabbed the pencil out of his hand. I added a centimetre to his legs, and mine.

This went on for about ten minutes. At the end, the stick figures were the most accurate stick-figure versions of us that the world had ever seen. And probably literally the world since everyone went missing last year. God, last year. It feels like way less. 

"Sara, you need to keep this forever" Abbie told me.

"I'm going to. I wish you lot had copies too" I sighed.

"I wish we all had copies of the stick people" Ben held out his hand and a folded piece of paper appeared. He opened it. It was an exact replica of the stick people that had been edited so much. I looked at Abbie and Max to see that they had one too. We all grinned. I labelled us on all of them.

The End

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