I Bet

The next morning, we got ravelling again. Still with no point, but still. Does that even make sense? Anyway, we got travelling all the same. And it was so hot. I don't think it could've been hotter in Spain! 

"It's too hot!" Ben moaned as we did a bit of gill scrambling because the river was the only way through the thick mud that we came across "We need something to do! Like a game or something!"

"A game?" I grinned. Max grinned too.

"No! No way!" Ben exclaimed as he realized what we were thinking. Abbie looked confused.

"You don't have a choice! We're going by Abbie's decision!" Max laughed. I turned to Abbie.

"It's called 'I Bet'. Basically, you bet that people can do things. If they can, you get another go, and if they can't, it's their turn. But it can't be anything stupid like 'I bet so-and-so can jump off a cliff and live. It has to be realistic. And also, for Ben's sake, it can't be anything like 'I bet so-and-so has purple underwear'." I grinned at Ben. He scowled back. "You can't say what someone else has said. And the less specific it is, the more likely you are to be right" 

"And how do you know that young lady?" Max wrapped his arm around my waist and pulled me out of the river.

"It was you're trick last time" I grinned matter-of-factly. Is that even possible?

"Oh was it now? Well I'll have to think of another one then wont I?" he laughed.

"Yes mister. Yes you will"

"Well, it sounds fun" Abbie said. My grin grew wider. "Yes. I'd love to play it"

"Yay!" I cheered.

"No!" Ben groaned.

"Since this is in disfavour of Ben, I think he should start" Max announced. 

"Well... I bet that... hmm... Abbie can... make the whole place glow" he said. We all looked at Abbie. She smiled and suddenly everything was glowing! It looked amazing. 

"Wow" I breathed. Then the glow died down, making everything look really dull. Then Ben gave Max a bet and it carried on like that. Max kept winning. Every time Abbie bet Ben could do something, she said something that she knew he wouldn't be able to do. And when he bet her, she forced herself to do it so that he would win. Max noticed and kept throwing me confused glances. I mirrored him and shrugged. At the end, Max had had 17 bets, Abbie had had 23, I had had 30 and Ben had had 45.

The End

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