Noticing Things

You know how I said that Ben wasn't noticing things? I was wrong. He was noticing too much to notice the things he should notice. He was the only one that remembered that Abbie's birthday is in July. I thought that was a strange coincidence. Still, they do spend most of their time together.

"Ben?" I asked that evening as we ate tea around the fire.

"Yup?" he replied with his mouth full.

"I've noticed..."


"Well... you seem not to be noticing much.."

"I am"

"No... I mean you're not noticing as much as you should..."

"Yes I am. I'm the only one that remembered when Abbie's birthday is" he frowned. Abbie, who was opposite him, blushed as if to prove my theory. Because he didn't notice. And he didn't notice when she flashed an all-too-obvious glance at me. Max did and he gave me a questioning look. I ignored it and moved over next to Ben. I threw my empty box to Max.

"Ben, you know I'm right. There's something on your mind" I mumbled to Ben.

"There is... I'll tell you later" he mumbled back. Hmm... there was something on his mind. And it was bothering him. 

The End

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