Almost a Party

Ben and Abbie were already up. They were sitting around the ashes from the fire when we went out. The picture (including a frame) had been wrapped in paper and was now on the floor opposite them. Max didn't notice. He sat me on his knee right next to it without even seeing it. Ben and Abbie's eyes widened. And not because Max didn't notice the present. They'd heard the argument yesterday.

"What?" I asked them.

"Nothing" Abbie mumbled. Ben, however, wasn't as shy as Abbie.

"Well, didn't you have a massive argument yesterday? I mean, you accused each other of not loving each other and then you said it was true, Sara" he looked confused. I winced. Max's arm tightened around me.

"That's been forgotten. Please don't mention it again" he said.

"Oh. Sorry"

"That's fine Ben. Anyway, there's something more important going on!" I said happily. Both Abbie and Ben's eyes flashed to the package next to us. Max noticed.

"What's this?" he said, picking it up.

"Well... I sorta lied about why I left you in the fore-" I started, but Abbie interrupted.

"What else would it be?" she exclaimed. 

"Yeah, it is your birthday!" Ben put in. Max understood. He opened it. A grin spread across his face when he saw the contents.

"Ha! Wow! Thanks!" he said. He kissed me. Harder than I'd kissed him. Then he hugged Ben and Abbie. We all had breakfast. We decided to just stay and mess around that day. It was actually really fun. You could almost call it a party.

The End

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