The Hard Way

I set to work on Max's birthday present the next day. And trying to find stuff to make a present in the middle of nowhere is hard. I must admit, I cheated. I asked Ben to get the thin chain I left on my bedside table. Of coarse, this was just for the 'present from all of us'. I was giving him something else for his present just from me. We were getting him a picture of us all. It was hell trying to get the picture due to the fact that wherever I was, Max was. In the end, we had to do it the hard way.

"Come with me Max!" I said, jumping up after just having lunch.

"Why?"he said.

"Just come, I need to show you something" I said.

"OK then" Max got up and followed me. I winked at Abbie and Ben as we left and they got it. I took Max into a random part of the forest. I hated what I was about to do to him. He wouldn't be very happy. At least Ben and Abbie wouldn't get any of the blame. They had no idea I was doing this.

"I was here yesterday morning, and I saw something really strange. It was this woodpecker and it was pecking a beehive." I didn't think he would believe that lame story. He did.


"Yeah. Look, there it is now!" I pointed high into a tree. Max looked there. He searched for the imaginary woodpecker and beehive. In the one moment he let go of my hand to shade his eyes, I ran.Thanking my lucky stars that the pine needles on the ground muffled my footsteps. When I got to the clearing, Ben and Abbie were ready. "Quick! We have approximately two minutes before Max gets here!"I exclaimed. They both ran over to me and we stood with our heads together. Abbie held out the camera and snapped the picture, which I caught before it could hit the ground.We were using an old fashioned camera because otherwise we wouldn't be able to get the picture. Then I heard some footsteps near. "Quick, get into your tents!"

"OK" they both said and dashed into their tents.

The End

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