"Max?" I asked.

"Hmm?" he replied

"Have you ever roasted marshmallows?" I wandered. Max laughed.

"No. I haven't"

"Well" I said, jumping up "That's what we're gonna do tonight"

"That is what we shall do" Max agreed. I went to Ben, who was listening to his iPod. 

"Can you make a bag of marshmallows?"


"I said: Can you make a bag of marshmallows?"


"Can you make bag of marshmallows?"


"CAN YOU MAKE A BAG OF MARSHMAL-" I yanked his earphones out of his ears. "Can you make a bag of marshmallows?"

"Oh, sure" he said, handing me the bag of assorted-coloured marshmallows that'd just appeared in his hand. I laughed. When I went back into my tent I noticed how dark it was. It was really late. 10:19. I absently wandered what the date was as I sat on Max's knee. 15th June. My power told me. Ahh! It'd never done that before. I traced Max's hand. Wait! Hold everything! I had just realised...

"Max!" I exclaimed


"It's your birthday in two days!"

"I know"

"But I didn't!" I admitted guiltly

"Haha! Silly Sara" he ruffled my hair. I opened the marshmallows and popped one in my mouth.

The End

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