I woke up screaming. I was shaking all over. The dream had scared me. I wasn't aware of anything until Abbie came in, closely followed by Max and Ben.

"Sara, what's wrong?" she said, looking worriedly into my face. I didn't answer. Ben came and knelt next to her, he looked just as worried. I saw her cheeks go slightly pink. Max held my hand tightly.

"Sara? Are you OK? What happened?" he said, his voice full to the brim with worry. I looked at his face. I don't know what he saw on mine but his suddenly went from complete worry to pain and worry.    "Sara, answer me." He pleaded "You look terrified beyond imagination" his voice was even more worried. I closed my eyes and shook my head slowly.

"B-b-bad dream" I said shakily.

"What was the dream?" Ben asked me.

"Look at the state of her. Do you think she's gonna wanna talk about it?" Max said scornfully. Ben opened his mouth to reply, probably something rude. I interrupted.

"Shut up" I told them both quietly, then I turned to Abbie. "You tell them"

"How can I tell them when I don't know?" she asked softly.

"You know. It's the same as yours" I told her. She nodded.

"She dreamt that she was dying" Abbie said to Ben and Max. I watched as their eyes widened. Ben's in shock, Max's in horror.

The End

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