"Happy Birthday Sara!" Ben said, holding out a small paper-wrapped package.

"Oh no Ben! Keep it. I didn't get you anything for your birthday!" I told him. I'd feel guilty taking it.

"No, take it. It was what I was going to give you for your birthday anyway." He said, pushing it into my hand. I took it guiltily and opened it. Inside was a small box, which I opened. Inside was a small silver necklace. On the end was a tiny silver ‘S' that had little pink diamonds in it. It was the prettiest thing I'd ever seen. I stared at it in amazement. "I only spent seven pounds on it but..."

"No, Ben, it's beautiful!" I said and hugged him. He helped me put it on. We sat down and Max threw us all a breakfast box. Mine had a little clear sculpture of a heart with an arrow through it on the top.

"Took me ages to make that" Max said.

"Awww Max!" I said, I threw my arms around him and kissed him. "It's lovely, thank you" he laughed. We finished our breakfast. Then Abbie tapped me on the shoulder. I looked round.

"Umm... it's not much, but... err..." she hesitated and held out a small, multicoloured glass jar. Inside was a single orb of light. It threw colours all over her face.

"Oh! It's really pretty, thank you Abbie" I hugged her.

"That's OK" she smiled

The End

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