Scary Stories

It was dark, the only light coming from the small camp fire. Me and Abbie had our arms linked tightly, our eyes wide with fear. Ben was leaning casually against a log, but I could tell he was scared too. Max had the poorly working torch under his chin and he had an evil grin on his face. He was telling us a spooky story in a deep, grumbling voice, and he was enjoying our fear.

"... and every Wednesday night, the demon comes to lonely travellers..." he finished slowly "... and gets them!" he said loudly, lurching towards us. Me and Abbie screamed piercingly. Ben jumped out of his skin. Max laughed. "Wimps" he said.

"Hey, it was scary!" I defended us. "And you knew it!"

"Haha! OK. How scary do you rate that story?"

"Ten!" Abbie and me said together.

"About nine" said Ben.

"Why? What was wrong with it?" Max demanded, grinning to show he was just messing.

"I've heard it before" Ben said simply.

"How can you have heard it before? I made it up as I went along!"

"Well, I've definitely heard it before. Maybe you didn't know it existed and you made it up without knowing" Ben suggested. I laughed at that. Ben could be funny sometimes. "Plus, Abbie's was scarier" he said. I could see Abbie's cheeks reddening. I knew it wasn't just an effect of the fire.

"My turn" I said, grabbing the torch off Max. I started the one scary story I knew.

The End

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