All Powers

We were walking... and walking... and walking... and it was so hot. We had covered about three miles according to Max. But we were still walking.

"We've got to sit down" Abbie finally panted.

"Yes. I need a drink. It's so hot" I agreed enthusiastically and dumped my stuff on the ground before anyone could object. Everyone else did too. Ben threw us all a drink.

"Where did that come from?" Abbie asked him.

"My power" he said

"Is there a name for this power? I've never heard of it" she said.

"Umm... dunno. If there is a name I dunno what it is" Ben told her.

"We just call it ‘getting what you want'" I put in.

"Oh. OK. What are your powers? Oops!" she said to me and Max as she spilled her orange juice. I held out my hand towards it and said

"Stop" just before it hit the floor. I'd always had good reflects. The drink paused. "Rewind" the liquid sped back up into Abbie's glass.


"I influence the time of an object" I told her. "I don't think that has a name either"

"OK. What's your power Max?"

"Oh. Well dunno. We don't even call it anything" he said. He took my empty water bottle from me. It set on fire and just before the fire died down, it froze. Then the ice slowly evaporated into the air.

"Show off" I muttered. Abbie giggled.

"Amazing" she said. Then we all picked up our stuff and set off walking...again.

The End

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