Abbie's Power

"Abbie?" I said, giving the remains of my breakfast to Max so he could burn them.

"Yeah?" she said. She wasn't as shy anymore. I think it was just because she was still a bit scared.

"I noticed, last night your eyes were glowing"

"Yes! It's my power"

"What is?" asked Ben.

"Creating light"

"Cool. I wish I could do that!" said Max.

"Isn't your power good enough?" I teased him.

"Coarse it is. I was just trying to make conversation" he grinned, wrapping his arms around me. I leaned against him.

"How do you create light anyway?" Ben asked. Abbie smiled and held out her hand. I wondered what she was doing. I looked around and saw: Ben's nose was glowing. I burst into laughter. "What?" he said. I couldn't tell him, I was laughing too much. Max was trying his hardest not to laugh. I calmed down enough to say:

"Your nose is glowing!" but it made me laugh again. Max gave up and started laughing too. Then Abbie started laughing and Ben's nose went back to normal.

The End

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