"Sara?" someone whispered. "Sara?

"Hmm..." I said, rolling over. Light streamed in through the open tent. I screwed my eyes shut harder.

"Sara, open your eyes" I slowly opened my eyes. Ben was standing at the opening of the tent.

"What?" I mumbled.

"There's a girl called Abbie out here, she says she met you last night."

"Abbie!" I suddenly remembered, jumping up and hitting my head on the pole holding up the tent. I heard a laugh tinkling outside. "Hey! It's not funny!" but I laughed too as I went outside. "Are you OK from yesterday? Or rather, today?" I grinned.

"Yes, I'm fine. Thanks for being so nice to me" she said

"No problem. I'm having a bit of trouble coping myself"

"What are you two on about?" asked Max, "And where did you come from?" he asked Abbie. Abbie looked shy.

"Oh! You don't know do you?" I realized.

"No!" Ben and Max both said together.

"Oh, well. Ben, Max. This is Abbie; the girl in the other tent." I announced.

"Oh. Hi" said Ben.

"Yeah, hi" said Max.

"Umm..." Abbie hesitated.

"Oh yeah! Abbie, this is Ben, he's my best friend" I said, gesturing to Ben.

"Nice to meet you Ben." Abbie said shyly.

"And this is Max." I said gesturing to Max "My... boyfriend" I said, feeling bad at the forlorn look I got from Ben.

"Nice to meet you too Max" she said, just as shyly.

"No need to be shy" I told her kindly. "You can stay with us if you want" I said, looking to Ben and Max for support.

"Yeah" said Max gently "We don't mind, we're in need of more company"

"Definitely" Ben agreed "It'll be nice to have someone else around"

"Thank you" said Abbie gratefully.  

The End

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