"OK, OK." I said to the boys "Let's say that Max won. He's given me seventeen bets, you twenty" I said, motioning to Ben "And he's only had a grand total of nine bets all together." I grinned. Max and Ben laughed.

"Plus it's now too dark too even see what we're doing!" agreed Ben. I got out my torch and they got out theirs. "Does anybody know where we are?" Ben asked as we shone our torches around.

"No, I've never been this far before. I've been as far as the last clearing... I think"

"I haven't been here either" said Max.

"Well let's stay in this bit" suggested Ben, indicating the small clearing next to us.

"Yes" I said as I looked. "Hey, that tents here too!"

"It can't be the same one, it can't be" Max tried to convince himself.

"But it is! It's even got the same black stain down the side!"

"We're gonna meet whoever is in there tomorrow" Max decided "Even if we have to get up at one in the morning, we're gonna meet them"It was at three A.M that Max's prophecy came true, well, for me anyway. I had been sleeping with songs quietly playing in the background. As I moved, the sound was turned up so that Bohemian Rhapsody blared loudly in my ear, waking me up. I screamed and then listened to see if I'd woken anyone up. I heard a tent zip go down. Damn. I thought why do I have to have such a big mouth? I waited for someone to walk past, or the zip to go back up. Nothing happened. After a while I heard the metallic clink of metal on metal. I unzipped my tent, carefully, so as to not make any noise. It wasn't too cold, I looked outside. At first, I couldn't see anything. But then my eyes adjusted to the dark. There was a silhouette of someone - a girl - standing. She appeared to be taking down the other tent. I went out. The sound of a twig snapping under my foot sounded alarmingly loud. The girl's head turned quickly to look at me. I gasped, her eyes glowed. She backed away.

"I, I, I. Why do you keep following me? Y-y-you stay back, I-I can-can hurt you. I-I-I -" she sounded scared.

"Wait." I said softly. "I - we're - not going to hurt you! We were wondering if you were following us! You don't need to hurt me. You don't need to be scared" I said all this quietly, so she wouldn't be more scared. She just looked at me, then she suddenly broke down into a flood of tears. "What's wrong!?"

"I-I-I thought you were, going to, hurt me. And I-I-I was going to hurt you. And-and-and, then you were so nice to me. And I can't cope with this, this, this, this, with everyone disappearing and having powers and, and, and..." she trailed off. She'd calmed down a bit now, after letting it all out.

"Would you have hurt me?" I asked

"No" she sniffed.

"Exactly. You can hang out with us if you want, why don't we put your tent back up before it collapses?"

"OK" we put her tent back up.

"Well, it's quarter past three in the morning. Let's go back to bed"

"Yes" she said.

"By the way" I said as we went into our tents.


"I never asked your name"

"Abbie" she said. I smiled.

"Sara" we went into our tents. I don't know whether she fell asleep. But I did.

The End

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