Wonderful World

"I bet..." said Max, me and Ben looked at him, wondering who he was going to place the bet on. This was the best game of ‘I Bet' I'd ever played. I had already been forced to walk on my hands for twenty seconds, hold my breath for one minute and say a bunch of random sentences backwards. Ben had been sentenced to swimming in the river, jumping up and down on the spot for five minutes, running as far as he could in the space of ten seconds and balancing stones on his head. Max had only had to crush a small stone and make a mud pie because he kept winning. "I bet that... Sara is a really great singer" he grinned.

"No!" I begged.

"You can't go against the rules Sara, that's a valid bet" laughed Ben.

"No, no, no"

"Sara, there's no point in begging, just do it" Max was still grinning.

"Fine" I mumbled. "What shall I sing?"

"My favourite song" he replied

"Which is?" I asked. Max turned to Ben.

"Have you got iPod speakers?"

"Yep" Ben got out the speakers from his bag. Max plugged in his iPod. I recognised the song from the first note. It was one of my favourite songs too: Wonderful World. I knew it off by heart. I sighed. When the time came I started to sing the words.

"I see trees of green... red roses too..." I sang the song as best I could. When I finished, Max and Ben just stared at me, making me embarrassed. "What?"   

"Well..." said Max "That took my breath away" he did look breath taken.

"That. Was the best version of that song I've ever heard," Said Ben "and to think I never used to like it..."

"Oh, err, thanks. Well apparently Max was right so..." I was still a little embarrassed.

"Correct!" he agreed. After that the flow of unbelievable bets grew. We tested each others' powers, endurance, sense of direction and much more. It got dark quickly.

The End

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