Anger and Forgiveness

"I love you too" I smiled.

"I can tell" he laughed. The moment was over. It was strange. I never thought I'd go out with someone as nice as Max. I thought I'd either spend my life being single, or I'd end up having my first kiss with someone like Connor O'Foole, who pays people to kiss him. In fact, especially him, since he fancied me anyway. I would have told him to keep the money. But that's me: too kind. "I suppose we should tell Ben. Where is he anyway?" said Max, getting up. I dragged him down again.

"Yes, we should tell Ben. But you don't need to move anywhere. He's fine. I'll go and get him."

"No, it's fine, we'll go to him" he said moving to get up again. I held him down.

"Max, if you could see the look of pain on your face every time you move I'm sure you understand why I don't want you to get up." I told him firmly. He gave up. I got up and walked over to Ben. He looked angry and a bit upset. "What's up?" I asked him.

"I know what you came over to tell me" he said, his voice full of anger.

"What? How?" I was surprised and also confused as to why he was so angry.

"I saw him kiss you" he said, standing up

"Oh. What's wrong with that?" I was so confused.

"You knew I love you!" Ben suddenly yelled, throwing his arms in the air. I suddenly got angry too.

"And I thought you understood that I don't feel the same way about you! I have the right to love who I want! And I'm sorry if you can't accept that!" I stormed away, fuming. It's funny what I notice when I'm angry, this time I noticed what was missing: the other tent. Max was patting my hair, I was crying into his chest. When I stopped he looked into my eyes. I looked into his.

"I'm going to go and apologize" I said. He nodded, he understood my view. He let me go and I went to Ben. He was sitting on the bags. He'd been crying too, except there had been no-one to comfort him. "Ben..." I started. He put up a hand to stop me. I waited.

"I'm sorry..." he whispered "I... you were right, I shouldn't have expected anything different"

"No, I'm sorry. You had every right to feel the way you did. I shouldn't have yelled at you"

"That's OK. I deserved it. You're forgiven." He still looked a little bit sad.

"You didn't deserve it one little bit. I forgive you too. Give us a hug" we hugged, but in a different way than normal. "Come on, we need to get going, I don't want bad feelings hanging over us all day. We'll feel better once we get moving" I said, picking up my bags. I picked up Max's too. Ben agreed and picked up his stuff. We walked over to Max.

"You two OK" he asked as I threw him his stuff.

"Yeah" we both said together.

"By the way Max," I said


"I never noticed; your eyes are green" I mused. He laughed and we set off.

The End

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