Shock and Blood

I felt like I had been there for hours, maybe even days, when I heard a groan. I sat up, as an automatic reaction, to see where it came from. Mistake; a wave of pain seared across my body, but I did my best to ignore it. I had just seen where the groan had come from: Max was lying about three meters away from me, his arms were spread out and one of his legs was bent, his head was against a rock. And there was a pool of blood around it. I dragged myself over, ignoring the pain. I was bleeding too, but Max was bleeding more and he needed help, quick. The amount of blood around him was making me feel sick, but now was not the time to be squeamish. I pushed the nausea away and carried on towards him. When I got to him I realized that there was far more blood coming from me than I thought. I suddenly remembered the conversation we'd had yesterday, just yesterday. Maybe I didn't have bad luck, maybe I was doomed.

"Max, I would never leave you to die"

"Even if you would have to die in my place?"


It was true; I was willing to die in his place. I would for any one. If I had to die saving him now, I would. I closed my eyes and pressed my hand against his wound.

"Rewind... to when... to before...the rain" I struggled to say. The wound healed itself but my hand was covered in blood. Max was still unconscious. I pressed my hand to all my wounds and gasped my order for them to be rewound to before they were there. I barely managed that. When I my breathing evened out reasonably well I checked on Max. He was breathing OK. I got up and went to look for Ben. It was painful - even though I didn't have wounds anymore, the cold was taking its toll on my lungs. I found him, sitting against one of the trees. He was hunched up and hugging his knees. I staggered over to him. "Ben" I sighed, painfully, with relief. "Are you OK?" I wheezed.

"Yeah...I'm, I'm fine. Just shocked. You sound terrible" he said blankly. His face was white.

"I feel terrible." I told him. "Will you help me put the tents away while we wait for Max to wake up?"

"Are you seriously thinking about just getting up and leaving after what just happened?" he asked me, his voice was still blank.

"No, I need something to distract me from the pain"

"OK" he helped me put the tents away. It took three times longer than it normally would have because of the state we were both in. But it got done. 

The End

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