Heavy Rain


What are you doing?!" I yelled over the wind and the rain. I could barely hear the words.

"Waiting for you to tell us how to take a tent down!" someone yelled, but it sounded really quiet. I was getting slightly annoyed.

"Max! Will you stop the rain?!" I yelled to nowhere in particular as I now couldn't actually see the boys.

"Umm...OK I'll try" I heard someone - Max - say. I heard him say something but the wind had gotten too loud to hear much. The rain stopped for half a second, and then we were pelted with frozen raindrops - literally. They smashed against the gravel and it sounded as if someone was pouring beads through a sieve onto the floor - but about a hundred times louder.

"Great!" I think Ben yelled "Now you've created the hailstones from hell! Sara! Pause it will you?! OW!" he exclaimed as the hailstones hit him. I threw my palm up towards the sky.

"STOP!" I yelled at the top of my voice. The raindrops paused where they were, but I still couldnt see through the thick haze of them. "Where are you?"

"I'm next to my tent" that was Ben.

"I havn't moved from when you came out, I'm directly opposite you"

"Right" I tried to move but the paused drops of ice wouldnt let me move. I wondered why for a breif second why but then I realized. Of coarse! These drops were paused in time - they weren't going to move. "I cant get to you - the rain drops wont move" I told them. I could tell that they tried to move to see if I was right.

"Ben. Wish for the rain to stop" Max said.

"I wish it wasn't raining"Well this is just crap!" yelled Max suddenly. "Here we are stuck in the middle of the heaviest rainfall in history! We all have powers but none of them work! When Sara tries, the raindrops wont let us move! When Ben tries it just starts again! And when I try we get pelted with miniture icicles! Nothing could possibly be worse! The only thing left to try is to all try to stop it at the same time and a fat lot of help that will be!" I'd never seen Max this annoyed before. But I was just as annoyed as him, so I didn't laugh as I normally would have. As if his words had been the magic words we all started yelling at the top of our voices for our powers to do anything we could think of to make the rain stop. It kept changing what it was doing and what it looked like as we commanded it.it was never actually properly raining. We were all acting like such mental people until suddenly, the rain paused halfway through turning from snow back to rain and started vibrating. Slowly at first, but it gradually got more and more violent until I felt like I was the one shaking. And then it stopped. And then it exploded. Each individual drop of rain exploded, but not just a small explosion, a massive explosion. Like a bomb. It sent be flying through the air backwards and slammed me into a tree with the two really strong magnets being pulled together. Like I was one magnet and the tree was the other. The force was so great that I actuaalt stayed there, halfway up the trunk of the low tree before I slid down to the bottom. The pain was unbelievable. It seared up from my toes, through my legs, up my back, up my neck, down my arms and up to my head. I winced, which also hurt. I couldn't move. I just lay there, slumped against the bottom of the tree. I was in absolute agony.  anymore" Ben said. The drops dissapeared for a few seconds, in which we all ran towards each other. And then it satarted again, just as heavy as it had been before we started messing with it.

"What?" we all said together.

"But how...?" Ben said.

"I think...!" I had to shout to him through the rain, although we were right next to each other. "It's because when you wish for something, you get it in the state you saw it last! Last time you saw the weather ‘not raining', must have been just before it started raining!"

"It was! I was loking out my tent and it started raining just after I decided to go to bed!"  yelled back to me.

The End

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