Waterproof Clothing

The rain was still whipping my face and I had to squint to kepp it from getting in my eyes. I couldn't see properly as I walked back to my tent. I think I heard a tent zip go down.

"Do you have a suicide wish or something?" Max yelled over the rain "Or do you not know that you're standing in the middle of extremely heavy rain? Get in here!"

"Where are you? I cant see!"

"Run forwards!" I ran forwards and the tent became clearer. Max was leaning out of his side. I went to him and he dragged me in. "What were you doing?! You're soaked!"

"I n-n-n-n-noticed" I shivered. I hadnt realized how cold I actually was.

"Sara, that's the most pathetic excuse for warm clothing I've ever layed eyes on" he told me, eyeing my clothes. "Here, drink this" he said, throwing me a flask.

"O-o-oh! It's w-w-warm! W-w-what is it-t-t?" I was so cold it was unbelieveble.

"Hot chocolate" he told me. I opened it and drank some. It was delicious and it warmed me up enough so I could control the shivering. It didnt dry my clothes though, and they were cold.

"Th-thanks. I'm warmer now. My clothes are still wet though." I took another sip.

"I might be able to help that" he said and held out hiis hands towards me.

"No!" I exclaimed, knowing what he was about to do.

"Dont be silly Sara. I'm not going to set your clothes on fire, I'm just warming them up. Close your eyes if you want." He told me. I closed my eyes. He whispered something and I immediately felt warmer. "You can open yor eyes now"

"Oh! My clothes are dry!" I said, surprized.

"Naturally. I was bored last night, so I was practising my power"

"Oh"What were you doing out there anyway?" he asked, curious.

"Oh, right. I was hungry, I was coming to get some food." I said. My stomach rumbled as if to prove this. Max dug into the food bag and brought out two boxes and two bowls. "Wait, Ben might want something. I'll go and see."

"Oh no you wont. I will, I'm not seeing you in that state again. You worried the hell out of me!"

"But - " I started to protest, but he put up a hand to stop me and left the tent. A few minutes later he came back with Ben. They sat down and Max got out another box and another bowl out and handed them to Ben. I opened mine. Inside was: a small box of shreddies, a carton of milk, a spoon and some apple juice. I was halfway through openeing the cereal when Ben stopped me and asked if I could swap with him.

"Sure. I prefer rice crispies anyway." I opened the rice crispies and put them in the bowl, then I opened the milk and poured it over them. I ate it quickly and downed the juice. I was hungrier than I'd thought.

"Wow. You must have been hungry, I've never seen anyone eat faster!" Ben said.

"Yes you have"

"Have I?"

"Oh, come on. You cant have missed how Jazz basically shoved that whole piece of chocolate cake in her mouth on my birthday!" I laughed, I would never forget the look on her face as she managed to chew and swallow a whole six inch long and two inch thick slab of cake. I dont think she ever liked it as much after that.

"Oh yeah! That was funny, I've never seen anyone open their mouth wider either! I told her not to accept the dare" he laughed

"Yeah, but when has she ever listened to you?"

"Fair point"

 "Your little sister seems very... unexplainable" Max grinned.

"That's one way of putting it." I smiled and packed my things away. Max and Ben packed thiers away too. I got up and went to leave the tent.

"Where do you think you're going?" Max demanded

"To get changed into warmer clothes, I'm not staying in a tent all day whether it's raining or not! So if you'd kindly do the same so we can pack the tents up, and then we can be on our way." I declared. Ben and Max had shocked looks on their faces. "Come on, we're not gonna get anywhere if you two are just standing there with your mouths hanging open like a couple of idiots are we?" I grinned

"Quite right" said Ben as he followed me into the rain. It was worse than before. The wind howled as it lashed my face. I ran into my side of the tent and quickly zipped up the door.i dug through my bag until I found my walking boots and my thick waterproof clothes that I wore once on the one time I went hiking. I put them on, thankful that Dad had made me buy them. The top didnt have a hood, but that was OK - I'd been in worse weather than this and I didn't have a hood then either. I grabbed my bag and went back outside. The waterproofs definitely worked - I hardly felt the cold at all. Max and Ben were stood outside with thier stuff too.

The End

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