An Apology

And opened them to daylight. I blinked a few times. It wasn't as light as yesterday. I turned over but the light wouldnt let me go back to sleep and there was a soft pattering that I was too disoriented to know what it was. I sat up and looked around me. I could hear Max snoring lightly. Presently I remembered where I was and how I got there. I ran my hand through my hair but didnt get very far before I ended up pulling it becase of the knots. I dug thrugh my bag and found my hairbrush. I brushed my hair the best I could. Now I'd woken up a bit more I realized that it was actually quite cold. I put on some of my warmer clothes and packed my hairbrush away. I had nothing left to do because my book was a the bottom of my bag and I couldn't be bothered to get it. Then I remembered that my mp3 player was in the sidepocket of the rucksack. I got it out and put the earphones in. The first song that came on was Bad Romance by Lady Gaga. Not one of my favorites but the CD had been from Gran for christmas and I would have felt bad if I hadn't used it.  I felt a bit claustrophobic in the small space so I opened my side of the tent and went outside. It was colder than I thought. A blast of cold air hit me, it went right through me; pushing out all the warmth from my body and making my thick trousers, top and woolly jumper feel like rags. I realized immedietely that the pattering on the tent had been rain and that the rain was being lashed silently around my face by the wind. It stung my skin and my clothes were already soaked through but I didnt want to go back in the tent. I was hungry so I dashed to Ben's tent to get the food. I waited outside to see if he was asleep, it was the most painful wait I'd ever been forced to have. I looked around me. Everything was as it was yesterday, but there was something missing and I couldn't think what it was.

"You can come in" someone said quietly.

"Ben?" I asked. I couldn't be sure I'd heard it because of the rain.

"Sara. Come in. Or do you want to die of cold?" he said. I unzipped his tent with difficulty and went inside. I tried to zip it back up but the zip was jammed. Ben pushed past me an forced the tent closed. "God Sara. You're freezing!"

"I know"

"You're soaked too! What were you doing out there?" he looked a bit worried

"I was bored" I said, sitting on the floor. Ben wrapped a blanket around me. "No," I said trying to shrug it off "You'll have a wet blanket tonight"

"You need it more than I do" he said. I gave up, I didnt want to argue. We were silent for a while. Then Ben said: "I'm sorry. About yesterday. I was stupid. I should have just helped you instead of trying to be clever." He looked upset.

"Of coarse I forgive you. I was too hard on you. I was tired - we all were. Sorry."

"You dont need to be. Come here" he said, holding out his arms. I hugged him. "Friends then?" he said as I pulled away.

"Friends." I agreed with slight emphasis on the word. He wanted us to be more than friends.

"Why did you come to my tent anyway?"

"I was hungry"

"Max has the food"

"Oh yeah. Did I wake you up?"

"Nah, I was already awake"

"Well I am actually starving so I'm gonna go and see if Max is up."

"OK" he said as I left 

The End

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