Talking to Max


"Sara, I brought your cup back". I unzipped the tent and took te cup from Max. "Can I come in?"

"Yeah, yeah. Come in" I went back in and he followed.

"Are you sure your OK? You look different."

"Yeah, I'm fine. Like I said; just tired, I get annoyed easily when I'm tired." I yawned. He yawned too as a reaction, have you ever wondered why that happens? I yawned again.

"You must be really tired" he said.

"What do you expect? I got woken up at seven this morning by exploding breakfast!". I grinned. Max laughed.

"Well, I suppose. How'd you know it was seven?"

"I looked at..." I trailed off. I had been about to say ‘I looked at my watch' but I wasn't wearing a watch. I considered that I might have seen the clock before I jumped ut of bed this morning to see what the big bang was, but then I remembered that I'd knocked it off the beside table; making this impossible. I thought about the clock in the kitchen too, but that was also imposible as the kintchen had been on fire. "I don't know" I finally concluded "Was it seven? I think I just guessed"


"How'd you know?"

"I looked at my watch..." he grinned but it was absently, like he was thinking about something. I waited. But I could only be patient for so long.

"What are you thinking about?" I asked. Then I yawned again, widely.

"I'm just wondering..." he told me. This was irritating.

"You're wondering..." I prompted him.

"Nothing, nothing. It's stupid."

"Nothing could be stupid in this world" I told him. "I like to kow what people are thinking, when its obvoius it's not private"

"Well, I was thinking that maybe you didnt guess, maybe knowing the time is part of your power"

"That's a good idea actually" I said, but a yawn muffled it halfway through.

"You should really go to sleep" he said. Stiffling a yawn himself.

"Hmm. You should too" I said. I couldn't keep my eyes open. "Night"

"Night" he said and then left. I heard the zip on his side of the tent go down, and then up again. I layed down on my sleeping bag and tucked the covers around me. The pillow had fallen off but I was too tired to care. I closed my eyes.  

The End

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