Putting Up Tents

"Well" said Max "I was testing my power on some bits of your house that fell down"

"Ye-es" my eyes narrowed suspicously.

"Watch" he  pointed at the rubbish I was holding. "Go" he said. It went up in flames and I dropped it, expecting it to be hot but it vanished before it hit the ground. "Relax Sara" he said "Do you think I would have done that if I didnt know weather it was going to hurt you or not?"

"No, it's just my natural reaction."

"OK" we picked up our stuff and carried on walking and chatting happily. It was going dark when we reached the camp site thing I had been talking about. It wasn't much of a campsite, it was just a clearing that people sometimes camped in. There was a tent there.

"Do you think that there's someone else here?" said Ben.

"No, it was probably here before everyone disappeared"

"Good point. Right, lets get these tents up" both boys' eyes focused on me. I sighed, if there was one thing I knew about camping; iw was how to put a tent up. It was normally cold when I went camping, and all I wanted to do was to hang out in the tent where it was reasonably warm.

"Take your stuff off" I said to them. They dumped the stuff on the ground at their feet. I picked up my tent and Ben picked up his. "Max, you're gonna have to help me. Ben, you'll have to do yours on you're own."

"How come Max gets help?"

"Our tent is harder to put up." I smiled. "Get your tent out" I said "You do know how to do that, don't you Ben?" I joked.

"Very funny" he said sarcastically. We both got our tents out. "What are the poles for?"asked Ben. I sighed again.

"Don't you ever watch your Mum put your tent up?"

"No. Do you really think I could be bothered to do that?" he was still sarcastic, but he was telling the truth. Ben would never dream of watching his Mum do something like put a tent up. I sighed again and started to explain how to put up the tent. Max and me put up our tent as I was explaining, to save time. Ben however, waited, and then couldn't remember a word I'd said.

The End

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