Swapping Food

It was further than I thought. When we got there I said:

"We need to have a rest, all this stuff is heavy"

"Agreed" said Max, sitting down on a rock, dumping the stuff he was carrying on the grass. 

"I'm starving!" I said as I sat on the grass and put my stuff next to me. Ben sat down on the other side of me and held out his hand.

"Packed lunch...err...three of them." He said. Three of the mini lunches we had packed appeared in his hand. He threw one to me and Max. I opened mine. Inside was: a ham sandwich, a packet of chease and onion french fries, some carrot sticks and a can of fizzy water. I hated fizzy water. I took out the sandwich and took a bite. "Swap drinks Sara" said Ben

"What have you got?"

"Red Bull"

"Umm... OK anythings better than fizzy water" I said, making a face at the other option. I wasn't too keen on Red Bull either.

"I'll swap with you" said Max, seeing my grimace.

"What have you got?"


"Great! Dont you like Lucozade?"

"Yes, but I like Red Bull better" he grinned. We swapped drinks and I took a sip of the Lucozade and another bite of my sandwich. "What did you have in your sandwich?" Max asked when I'd finished and was eating my crisps.

"Ham" I said at the same time Ben said "Cheese"

"Unlucky" Max grinned.

"What's wrong with ham or cheese?"

"Nothing. It's just that chocolate spread is better" his grin grew wider. I stuck out my tongue at him.

"Let's go" I said "or we won't get anywhere" I got up. And picked up all the rubbish. "What're we gonna do with this?"

The End

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