A huge bang and the sound of shattering glass woke me up. I jumped up and went out of my room. There was smoke coming up from the stairs, I went to Max's room and the door opened when I knocked. I went in, he wasn't there. I ran over to Ben's room, the door was locked. I hammered on the door.

"Ben! Wake up! There's a fire and Max isn't in his room!" I hammered on the door again. There was no answer. "BEN!" I yelled "WAKE UP!" the door opened.

"What's wrong?" he said and then saw the smoke. He looked worried. "Damn, Max got up earlier, he's probably still down there!"

"Sugar!"  I went to run downstairs but Ben stopped me. "What? We need to save Max!"

"I'll go"

"Don't be stupid Ben! I'm not going to let you risk your life when it's my house that's on fire!"

"I'm not going to let you risk yours!"

"We'll both go, we need to get out of here!" we ran downstairs, the smoke was thicker here and I was finding it hard to breath. I coughed. "Max!" I shouted the best I could "Where are you!?" I ran into the kitchen and it suddenly got really hot. I peered through the smoke, I couldn't see anything. "Max!!" I yelled. Ben caught my shoulder. "Ben! Get outside!" I yelled and pulled away. I looked for Max frantically. I was finding it really hard to breath now, I kept coughing and coughing. "Max!" I shouted, but it sounded like a whisper.

"Sara..." This was a small sound. I knew it must be Max.

"Max! Where are you?" I walked toward where the sound came from. I saw Max, he was laid on the floor, he had cuts all over him and there were little pieces of glass scattered all over his body. There was a big cut across his head. I dragged him out of the house the best I could. "Ben," I wheezed. I was slightly aware of Ben pulling Max off me, and then everything went black. 


 I woke up. I sat up and I was still finding it a little bit hard to breath. My inhaler was thrown at me and I took three long draughts of it. I looked around. I couldn't see Ben. Max was sitting against the wall next to me. "Max!" I said, throwing my arms around him. He hugged me back "Are you OK?" I said, leaning away to look at his face.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Ben wished for me to be healed."

"I'm so happy you're OK!"

"Thank you" he said

"For what?"

"You saved my life"

"I had to! I wasn't just gonna leave you there!!"

"You could have"

"Max!" I said "I would never leave you to die" I wanted to make sure he knew that.

"Even if you would have to die in my place?"

"Yes" I said. 

The End

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