"Umm... I didn't see it" he picked it up and shoved it in the rucksack, along with a pile of other stuff. "Right, let's go to Ben's" he said.  I got up and followed him downstairs. We went outside. We were on the third floor "Where does Ben live?"

"In the house with the blue door" I said, pointing to a house a few streets down.

"OK. You lead the way" so I lead the way to Ben's house got the stuff he needed and went back to mine. When we went in there was a range of food and drinks on the kitchen table. More than could possibly fit in my fridge.

"Umm... Ben, did you get all this out of my fridge?"

"No. All this would never fit in your tiny fridge" he said "I wished for most of it"

"Oh" I passed Ben his stuff.

"Oh. That bag's bigger than I thought" he said.

"Yes, it's a good thing too. I can only just fit your sleeping bag in it."

"Yes. Anyway" said Max "we need to have a bag to carry all this food in"

"Good point" I said "I'll go and get one" I went upstairs and into my room. There was my rucksack, which I normally used for camping, on my bed. It had already been packed. I looked through it. All the things I would have put in it, were in it. Except my mp3 player. I got it from down the side of my bed and put it in my pocket. "Thanks Ben!" I shouted downstairs. I heard him laugh.

"No problem" he shouted back. I got my Dad' oversized satchel bag that he called a rucksack down from the top of my wardrobe and took it downstairs. I threw it to Max, who caught it without looking. He opened it and shoved the food - now organized into little meals in sandwich boxes - into it. I dumped my stuff on the sofa where Ben and Max had shoved theirs. I went back upstairs to get the tent and was in Mum and Dad's room when I realized that I would never be able to reach the top cupboard, even standing on the bed.

"Max!" I yelled "Come and help me get the tent please!" he was up in a second.

"Why can't you get it?"

"It's too high" I said. He laughed, reached up and got the tent easily.

 "Umm... how're we gonna carry this - it's not going to fit in any of the bags, they're full to busting."

"It can be worn as a satchel bag" I said, showing him the strap that was attached to it.

"OK" I took the tent downstairs.

"Right" I said "I'm not having these bags crowding my front room. Will someone help me put them in the dryer room?"

"Sure" Ben got up and helped me carry the bags into the dryer room, and then we went back into the front room and sat on the sofa. We spent the rest of that day watching telly. We were watching a scary film called The Messenger when Max pointed out that it was really late and we should go to bed if we wanted to get anywhere tomorrow. I told him that there was only about ten minutes of the film left anyway so we might as well watch it. When it finished we went upstairs, said goodnight and went to bed.

The End

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