Camping Supplies

"Anyway" Max interrupted us "What were you suggesting we do? I hardly got any of it, you were talking so fast."

"Oh yeah. Well I thought we could go travelling, you know, instead of staying here all the time." He looked a little embarrassed.

"That's a great idea!" I said.

"Yeah!" Max agreed "I need a little bit... more.... adventure!"

"Well, let's think about it. If we're going to be away for a long time then we'll need some supplies and stuff"

"Yes" said Max

"Well, I've got a two roomed tent" I said "For when me and my family went camping"

"That's great." said Max "Coz I haven't got a tent. Do you mind if I share yours?"

"No. I don't mind. We'll be in different rooms so that'll be OK"

"Right. I need some stuff from my house" Max told us. "I'll go get it"

"I'll come with you" I offered "to help carry it"

"OK." He said "Ben, why don't you get stuff like food ready?"

"Yes. Do you mind getting stuff from my house?" Ben said to me.

"No, not at all. What do you need?" Ben told me what he needed and me and Max set off.

"Where is Ben's house?" Max asked me.

"Oh. Do you mind if we go to yours first?" I said. "Only, bens house is really close to mine and we'd be carrying his stuff further than we need to if we go to his first"

"Sure" he led the way to his house. It was one of the flats in a block of flats that had been built about four months ago.

"Oh, I didn't know you lived here. We could have just gone through my back garden and crossed the road" I said, indicating my house. 

"Oh! I'll remember that" he unlocked the door and we went inside. We were in a hallway that had a blue carpet and the walls were white. It looked much better than the office though. He pointed to the room at the end of the hallway. "Wait in there," said Max "I'll be back in a minute"

"OK" he went upstairs and I went into the room he'd pointed at. It was his front room. It was small, but as a bonus it was cosy. The walls had been painted dark red and the carpet was brown. The TV was also small. It was in the corner. There was a black leather sofa against the wall, facing the TV and a small footrest next to it. The curtains were red and they were closed. I looked out and saw why; there were road works outside, right below the window and it didn't create a very nice view. I sat on the sofa and waited for Max. After a while he shouted down the stairs.

"Can you bring me my rucksack please Sara? It's next to the telly" I got the rucksack and went upstairs.

"Where are you?"

"In the room in front of you."

"Oh, OK" I went in. It had two single beds in it and a dresser. The walls were blue and the wooden floor had been left brown. "Where shall I put your rucksack?" I asked Max. 

"Just dump it on one of the beds" he answered, sliding out from underneath the one I was nearest to, making me jump. He grinned. I put the bag on the bed and then sat down next to it.

"What were you doing under there?"

"Looking for my iPod." He said. I sighed and pointed to the iPod on the dresser.

"What's wrong with that one?" I asked sarcastically.

The End

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