An Addition To My Power

"Go on" Ben launched into an elaborate explanation about what he thought we could do and I couldn't keep up. "Whoa, wait a second. Rewind to the part about the tent, I didn't get it" then something I didn't expect at all happened; Ben did rewind - literally - he said the word he had been saying backward and everything. It was as if I had been literally rewinding a video or something, when he got to the part about the tent, he carried on, forwards, as if I'd just pressed play. Me and Max stood there with our mouths hanging open.

"...and then we would probably have a lot more fun than we do just hanging around here all day" Ben finished. He looked at Max and me. "What?"

"Umm" I couldn't think of what to say, so Max said it for me.

"Sara rewound you" he said

"Oh. That's what happened. I was thinking as I said it ‘I'm sure I just said this bit' but I carried on anyway."

"So you have two powers Sara?" said Max, more of a question than a statement.

"No, I think it's part of my original power. I don't think my power is to stop things, I think it's to control time"

"OH! Yes. Of course. Why don't you try fast-forwarding things, just to prove it?"

"OK. Someone make an intention to knock this glass of the table" I said, filling a glass with juice and putting on the edge of the table"

"OK" said Ben. I held out the palm of my hand towards the glass.

"Fast forward" I said. The glass was suddenly on the floor, smashed and there was orange juice all over the floor. "Rewind" I said. We watched the glass repair itself and the juice crawl along the floor into it, then it flew up through the air and onto the table. I suddenly realized I hadn't told it where to rewind to. "Stop" I said. It stopped in mid air on the way to the sink. "Rewind to when it was on the table" I said. The glass flew to the table, put itself down and then stopped.

"Wow" Ben and Max said together. I laughed.

"I wonder..." said Ben.

"You wonder?"

"It doesn't matter"

"It does. Tell me, you've made me curious!" I moaned.

"Yeah, but remember what happened last time I told you something because you were curious?"

"That was different" I did not like that subject. He knew that. "Just tell me! Please!?" I begged.

"Well I was wondering, if I wished that you didn't have a power, what would happen?"

"Yeah, well don't bother"

"Why not?" he asked mockingly

"Cause it would probably work. Like I said, you always get what you want"

The End

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