Ben's Power

I woke up early. I stretched - no pain. I touched my head - no pain at all. I went downstairs and had some cereal. I came back upstairs, had a shower and got dressed. I went back downstairs and put on Drake and Josh. I was watching Drake and Josh go Hollywood when Max came down. He was fully dressed. "What did you have for breakfast?" he asked.

"Mini Choc Chip Weetabix"

"Oh. OK. Where is it?"

"In the cupboard under the sink" I told him "There's more cereal there too"


"Or you can wait half an hour for toast or a pop tart"

"No, I'm too hungry for that" he grinned. He went into the kitchen.

"Hey, what time is it?"


"OK" I finished watching Drake and Josh go Hollywood and my favourite episode: Merry Christmas, Drake and Josh came on. Max came in with some Coco Pops. He sat on the sofa (I was in the comfy chair) and started watching telly. On the advert break I turned to Max "Don't you think it's a bit weird that it always seems to be nine O'clock?"

"Yeah, I noticed"

"Do you know what else is weird and also a bit freaky?"


"My injuries are gone" I grinned

"Never!" exclaimed Max, he put the empty bowl on the table.

"Come and look if you don't believe me" he came over and inspected my head.

"You're right" he said amazed.

"I don't believe it" I said, now I had proof, now someone else had actually confirmed it, it was even more unbelievable.

"This is unbelievable" said Max

"Which is why I don't believe it!" I laughed. He laughed too. We finished watching telly and then Ben came down. He was fully dressed too. Me and Max grinned at each other.


"You'll never guess Ben!" said Max

"No, I won't, so tell me"

"My wish came true!" Max said.

"I noticed" said Ben, sticking out his leg at a funny angle to prove it. "I'm not surprised actually, it's just a pity that none of the others came true"

"Wait!" I said and dashed upstairs. I went into my bedroom and looked around. On the desk, was my completed geography project. It was neat and tidy and everything was in order: how it had been just before Jasmine had got hold of it. I picked up the fat folder and took it downstairs. I held it out to Ben and Max "My wish came true too"

"Your geography project?" Max asked.

"Yes" I gave it to him. He looked through it quickly.

"This is good!"

"I should hope so! I worked two months on it!"

"I didn't even finish mine" said Ben.

"Yeah" I said "But you would have got away with it. You always get what you want" I flashed a glance at Max.

"True" agreed Ben.

"I wonder if your wish came true too" said Max to Ben.

"Ha! I wish it had"

"Anything else you care to wish for?" I asked jokingly.

"Yeah! Another one of Max's bacon and egg sandwiches!"

"Ben! You're such a pig" I laughed "Go and get some cereal like me and Max" Ben went into the kitchen... and came back with a bacon and egg sandwich.

"Did you make this?" he said to Max. Max shook his head "Did you?" Ben asked me.

"No, like I said, we had cereal." I grinned at Max, he was grinning at me.

"What!?"  Said Ben "Why do you two keep smiling?" Max laughed. "What?" said Ben "I don't get it"

"Don't you see?" I said.


"Getting what you want is your power!"

"Oh!" Ben looked really surprised.

"Yes, why don't you test it, just to make sure" suggested Max

"OK" Ben held out his hand as if he was begging. "Felicity" he said. His pet hamster appeared in his hand.

"Awww! She's so cute!"

"Why'd you call it Felicity?" asked Max

"Dunno, it just suited"

"Well we have to keep her and look after her!" I said.

"Sure. Have you got a cage or something to put her in?"

"Yes!" I ran to my Parents' room and went to the airing cupboard. I took out the cage that was in there. It was all ready for a pet to go in; there was food in it and everything. I took the cage downstairs.

"Wow, where was that?"

"In the airing cupboard in my Parents' room"

"Why was it there?"

"I was getting a gerbil for my birthday"

"How'd you know?"

"Jazz told me"

"Jazz?" asked Max

"Yeah, my little sister, remember? She's the one who wrecked my project, the one in the multicoloured swimsuit on that picture."

"Oh yeah" he took the cage off me. Ben put Felicity in it.

"She should be OK there for today"

"OK? She'll love it!" Ben laughed.

The End

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