I couldn't help thinking that this was too much of a coincidence; we were all the only ones left in the world, we were all adopted, and we all had powers - except Ben. I went back into the bedroom and sat on the bed. "OK" I said "I just thought of a really random question."

"OK" said Ben. Max nodded.

"As a rule, the answer isn't allowed to be something like; ‘parents back', or ‘everyone to come back into the world'"

"Go on"

"Also, you're not allowed to say what someone else has said"

"OK" said Ben.

"And you have to start it with ‘I wish'"


"Right. If you could have anything, anything at all - except the ones I said you couldn't - what would it be?"

"You go first" Max told me "You obviously already have one"

"I wish that Jasmine hadn't ripped up my geography project" I said "Your turn Max"

"Umm. OK. I wish that you two hadn't been injured"

"Hmph. I should have said that you can't wish for other people. Oh well, too late now" I said. "Your turn Ben"

"Oh. I wish I had a power... I suppose"

"Good" I said. "Now we have to say each other's wishes. But only once" we all repeated the wishes once.

"Umm... OK Sara" said Ben "What was that about?"

"Oh. I dunno. Just something that popped into my head" I smiled. My plan had worked so far. There was bound to be a bit of suspicion. Now it just needed to finish. I yawned. "I'm tired"

"Same here. I'm going to bed. Night" Ben got up and left.

"What was that about?" asked Max "Surely you can tell me. It was a bit obvious that it wasn't something that ‘just popped into your head'"

"It was something that just popped into my head." I said truthfully. "But I can't tell Ben otherwise it might be ruined.

"Well, what is it"

"We tried all the powers he could possibly have today, didn't we?"


"How do you know?"

"Coz if we had you wouldn't be asking that question"

"OK. Anyway, I'm trying to see if the wishes come true, if that's Ben's power."

"You think Ben's power is granting wishes?"

"No. To get what he wants."

"Oh. I see." Max knew Ben almost as well as I did. "Well, I'm tired too" he said "Night Sara"

"Night Max" he left. I was actually really tired. It happened every time I cried. I laid down and fell asleep almost immediately 

The End

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