More Risotto and Mr Bean

I yawned widely and stretched. Pain seeped through my arm again, but it wasn't as bad now and I was used to it.

"I think we need to call it a night." said Max. "Time for more risotto" he said. I groaned. "Well, if you hadn't shown us that you can make it, then you wouldn't have to. But you did and now you do" Max grinned. I sighed and got up. I gave the remote to Ben. "Put what you want on" I went into the kitchen and made risotto. Again I brought it in on a tray, in three bowls. Again Ben and Max both immediately grabbed one and started shovelling it in. I took the last one and sat down on the sofa next to Ben. Max was on the comfy chair this time. Ben had put on Mr Bean. "I've only ever watched one episode of Mr Bean" I said. "And it was this one" I laughed. So did Ben and Max. We finished the risotto and I took the dishes away and came back with three drinks. "We have hardly any coffee or teabags... or Lemsip" I grinned at Ben. "So we're going to have to make do with lemonade"

"OK" we drank the lemonade while watching Mr Bean do the wrong test and then try to do the right one when he finds out that there were two papers in the envelope. 

The End

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