The mood had changed completely. Both boys were up on their feet looking angry. Max was about to throw a punch at Ben. "Stop, stop, stop!" I screamed, throwing my arms in front of me and screwing my eyes tight shut.  Nothing happened. I slowly opened my eyes. What I saw was not anything I had expected. Max was stood motionless, one arm up behind his head, his hand balled into a fist. His eyes were angry, his mouth in a tight line. Ben was equally motionless, but one of his hands was on the table, supporting him, the other just about to be lifted, as if to protect him. I walked over to them. I went to Ben first. "Ben?" he didn't respond at all. I turned to Max "Max?" nothing happened. I was completely confused. "Umm... Carry on?" it was more of a question than command. They both fell down. Max got up and rubbed his head. Ben got up and finished the Lemsip. I stood there, my mouth hanging open. They both looked at me.

"What?" I couldn't believe it.

"You were... fighting... Max, you were... about to... punch Ben..."

"Don't be stupid, Sara" said Max "Why would we be fighting?"

"I'm serious!"I said. I couldn't believe that they couldn't remember.

"Umm... Sara, is this meant to be some kind of joke, coz it isn't funny?"

"I'm serious" I said. "Honestly, you were fighting and I didn't like it so I threw my hands out and said ‘stop' and - " the glass of water that Ben had accidentally knocked - that had been on its way to the ground - suddenly stopped, the water pausing on the way from the falling glass to the ground. The glass was frozen in mid air." - you stopped" I looked at Ben and Max, they looked at me.

"Oh. My. God" Max said.

"See" I said

"But... How?" Ben trailed off.

"Exactly" I said

"Make it go again" said Max

"Umm... OK" I said "Go?" I asked it as a question again - I still wasn't sure. The glass turned so it was the right way up and landed on the floor without breaking, the water landed in it and not a drop was spilt. I stared at it in amazement. It was as if someone had just put the glass down on the floor.

"Oh. My. God" Max said again.

"I get it" I said quietly

"I wonder if you can do other stuff" said Ben.

The End

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