Eggs and Bacon

I woke up. My clock said that it was: 9:00 - it always seemed to be 9:00. The smell of eggs and bacon drifted up the stairs. My stomach rumbled. I got out of bed, it was cold so I put on my dressing gown and went downstairs. Max was at the cooker. He put an egg and bacon sandwich on the table.

"That's for you" he said to me. Ben was eating a sandwich too. I sat down at the table and took a bite of mine. I swallowed.

"You said you couldn't cook!" I accused Max

"Not anything suitable for dinner" he grinned

"Very funny" I said sarcastically and smiled. "This is gorgeous!"

"Thanks" he said. I looked at Ben, who had already finished his sandwich.

"Umm... how many of those has he had?" I asked and then took a second bite of my sandwich

"Three so far" Max rolled his eyes

"Three!!" I looked at Ben, shocked

"What?" he said, his mouth full. He swallowed. "You said yourself, they're gorgeous"

"That doesn't mean I'm going to have three!" I exclaimed. Max sat down at the table with a sandwich of his own. He rolled his eyes again.

"You're so skinny" he said to me "I don't think you'd be able to have three"

"I wouldn't even if I could" I said "No offence" I added.

"None taken" he grinned and took a bite of his sandwich. We finished them in silence. I got up.

"Who wants a drink?" I said, turning on the kettle.

"Coffee please" said Max. Ben groaned.

"Eyes bigger than your belly eh?" I said and smiled. I got three cups out, put a spoon of coffee in two of them and a Lemsip teabag in the other. The kettle finished boiling. I filled the Lemsip cup with water, stirred and gave it to Ben. "Drink this" I told him. I turned to Max, he knew what I was about to ask

"Lots of milk, two sugars" he said.



"That's how I have my coffee too"

"That's a coincidence"

"Hmm" I poured the kettle into the two remaining cups, added lots of milk, two sugars and stirred. I gave one to Max. He downed it. I looked at him, my eyes wide.

"What? I was thirsty" he said. I laughed.

"I'll never be able to drink coffee like that" I said "in my view, it has to be slurped" I slurped my drink for emphasis. Max and Ben both laughed. When I'd finished my drink I said "Right, I'm going to get dressed"

"OK" said Ben.

"Finish that" I said to him as I walked away, motioning to his untouched drink. I went upstairs and put on my white skinny jeans and the grey and white long, tight top that I always wore with them. Then I went into the bathroom splashed cold water on my face and brushed my teeth quickly. Then I went back downstairs. 

The End

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