I grabbed the remote and flicked through the channels. Nothing much was on so I put on a replay of The Bill from last night. We watched that one and two more replays from the last two weeks and then I began to feel hungry. I'd only had a few bites of toast "I'm starving, can you cook?" I asked the boys.

"No" they both said.

"Can you?" asked Ben.

"Umm...  I got taught how to make risotto in Food last week" I said

"That'll have to do"

"OK" I got up and turned on the stove. I made the rice and veg in the same way I had in Food, but with three times the ingredients. I dumped it all in the pan and was about to put the ham in when I thought of something: "Max, are you a vegetarian?" I said loudly

"No" he replied. I put the ham in and waited. I could hear that The Billmust have finished because the sound from the front room was from an episode of South Park that I must have seen about fifty times. I ladled the risotto into three bowls and took them into the lounge on a tray. I put the tray on the coffee table. Both the boys immediately took one. I took the last one and sat on the sofa with Max. Ben was sat on the comfy chair. "This is delicious" said Max, his mouth full.

"Yeah!" agreed Ben "you cook better than my Mum"

The End

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