"Yes" said Ben

"We should stay together" suggested Max

"Definitely" I agreed "Where are we gonna stay?"

"We can't stay at mine" said Max "We only have one bedroom; me and my brother share it"

"We can't stay at mine either" Ben told us "I only have two bedrooms" I sighed

"I have three bedrooms."

"Great!" said Max

"Yeah, but your house is like, a mile away" Ben pointed out "And I still can't walk"

"That's OK" said Max "I'll help you" he helped Ben up and we all started walking."You're gonna have to lead the way Sara" so I led the way to my house. The door was open.

"You left the door open!" I exclaimed to Ben

"It's not like anyone was going to go in" he said. I sighed. I looked at the clock; 9:00. I suddenly remembered the reminder on my Aunt's desk. I doubted the meeting would be at 9pm. We got to the top of the stairs. I stopped.


"What?" said Ben and Max together.

"Well, I'm definitely having my room. One of you is going to have to use pink fairy bedding." I grinned. Ben grinned too.

"I'll use it" he said "I doubt Max the giant here would even fit in Jasmine's bed. Let's go in your room first though, to get sorted out"

"OK" I agreed. I went into my room and sat on the bed. Max helped Ben sit next to me.

"Do you have a first aid kit?" he asked

"Yes, in the bathroom somewhere" he left and came back a couple of minutes later with our minuscule first aid box`

"This is tiny"

"I know, give it to me" Max gave me the little box and I opened it. I had no idea what to do though, I'd never really needed the first aid kit before. I looked at it, confused. Max sighed.

"Give it here" I gave it to him. He took out a little square bandage thing with some sort of gel on it. "Put this on your head." I took the bandage and prised the tissue off my injury - the blood had dried it on - and put the little square on it. It was cold, but it soothed the pain. Max then got out the bandages that were wound round a sort of bobbin thingy. "Take the cloth off Ben's leg, and get a damp flannel" he told me. I went to get the flannel first. Then I carefully unwound the strips of T-Shirt from around Ben's knee. When I got to the last one, I stopped.

"What?" he said

"It's been bleeding again" I said. I slowly unwound the last strip. It was bleeding a little, but not much. I gently dabbed it with the flannel. I could tell it was hurting him, but that couldn't be helped. Max then stopped me and started to wind the bandage around the wound.

"Do you have scissors?" the first aid box was too small to contain stuff like scissors.

"Yes" I got up and went to my drawer. The scissors weren't there. "Jasmine" I muttered. I went into Jasmine's room and found the scissors under the bed; she had obviously been hiding them. I went back into my room and gave the scissors to Max. He cut the bandage off then cut a strip off another gel bandage thingy and stuck it on the end of the bandage.

"You should be able to walk a bit now" he said to Ben. "Sorry, I can't help your arm, you're just gonna have to let it heal by itself" he added to me.

"That's OK. Ben, you might wanna try and walk now. So you're used to it"

"Good point" he got up and went to the door, he was still limping but he was walking all the same. "While I'm up, shall we go downstairs and watch telly?"

"Yes!" I said, jumping up. Max got up too. We all went downstairs into my living room.  

The End

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