"MUM!!!" he yelled, flying through the house "MUM!!!" he went upstairs and I waited for him. I heard a sound that was like something crashing to the floor. He flew back down the stairs and stopped in front of me. "She's not here"

"She could still be at work" I said, trying to think of the positive.

"I don't think so, I wish we had a way to find out"

"We do!" I ran out of his house and heard the door slam so I knew he was following me. When we got to my house it was locked (very, very bad day). I got my keys out and fiddled trying to find the right one, when I did I jammed it into the lock and pushed the door open. I ran through the house "JAZZ!!" I shouted "JASMINE!!!" I ran upstairs into jasmines room and threw the quilt off the bed and saw she wasn't there. I looked everywhere in her room and then in Mum and Dad's. Then I went into my room, Ben was there. He was holding up a piece of paper, I grabbed it of him. It said, in my Mums scrawly handwriting:


Sara, I have to go to work early. Your dad will be back at around 9. Jasmine has a training day so don't wake her up. See you when you get home. Love you, Mum


"But... if..." I stuttered. I couldn't think of anything to say. I settled for "She was here this morning"

"Let's go" said Ben grabbing my arm and yanking me out of the house.

"Where?" My mind had gone blank. He ignored me. We soon came to the office my Mum worked at. He dragged me inside.

"How do you know where my Mum works?"

"It doesn't matter. Get looking" He ran up the stairs on the left. There was no-one at the reception desk so I ran up the stairs on the right. The hall I came to was endless. The walls were grey and the carpet was greyish-blue. I remembered that her door must have her name on so I set about looking for a door that said:  L. Mileson. I looked in all the other rooms anyway just in case. I heard Ben running on the floor above me. I came to a door marked: J. Mileson. I was confused for a few seconds: did my Dad work here too? Then I realized that this office must belong to my Auntie Jane. I looked in, the light was still on so I tried the door. It opened so I went inside. It was a small office, the walls were grey and the carpet was greyish-blue; pretty much like the corridor. There was a grey desk (my gosh, this place was boring) shoved into the corner and a grey swivel chair (so very boring) in front of it. I sat on the chair and looked at the desk. On it was a pile of papers, a small digital clock, a note pad and a pen. The notepad was open and written on it in neat handwriting were the words: Meeting 9:00   

I ignored this, I thought it wasn't important. I took the pen and wrote ‘S.M' on the next page. I got up and was about to leave, when the time on the clock caught my eye:  9:30 


The End

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