"Ben?" I asked quietly

"Hmm?" he replied

"Where are all the year sevens?" this was weird: normally all you could hear were the year sevens. Even from the top floor. But now we couldn't hear anything except our footfalls on the floor.

"Maybe they're on the trip to Portugal" Ben suggested

"All of them?" I was a bit suspicious now

"Good point, maybe, maybe, maybe... oh I give up. Maybe they're just being quiet."

"As if!" I said, but I couldn't think of a better reason for the silence. Then I remembered something. "I need to go to the geography office"

"Umm... Why?"  

"Because Jasmine destroyed my project and I need to tell Miss Kellis before first period."

"Ooh, harsh. She'll understand anyway you know"

"I know" I said "but I just want to make sure"

"But the geography office is all the way on the top floor!" he moaned

"You don't have to come with me, just tell Mrs Fisher where I am" I suggested

"That's OK, I'll come with you" he objected quickly. Nobody liked telling our form tutor where someone else was.

We climbed to the top floor and I ran to the geography office. I peered in but it was dark and I couldn't see a thing.

"Ben" I said. Things had just got even weirder "there's no-one in there"

"Don't be stupid Sara, there's always someone in the geography office" he came to look and mirrored what I had done. Then he walked along the corridor, looking in each classroom. "I can understand where the year sevens might have gone, and I can sort of understand why there would be no-one in the geography office. But I can't understand why there would be no year nines too." I ran down the stairs and he had to follow. "Where are you going?"

"To see if any year eights are here except us!" I yelled back. He caught up with me and we both ran across the first floor, quickly glancing into each room on the way. I stopped suddenly at the end and Ben nearly crashed into me. "They're all gone" I whispered.

"They can't be" he was obviously just as scared as I was.

"But they are "I basically mouthed it. Then I realized something. "Ben?"


"I don't think your Mum went to work early" he didn't need telling twice. We both legged it right down to the bottom floor, out into the playground and all the way to his house. It was unlocked and he flung the door open.

The End

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