Bad Luck

The light woke me up. It filtered in through my thin curtains and landed straight on my eyes. I knew I should get up, but I didn't want to. I turned over and became face to face with the digital clock on my bedside table, it read:


That was the time I normally was getting my bag ready, not the time I woke up. I never woke up late. This was going to be a bad day. I jumped out of bed - wide awake now - and ran across the hall to Mum and Dad's room. I banged the door open "Mum!" I said loudly "Dad!" No answer. I guessed they'd gone to work already. I was about to go to Jazz's room when I remembered that she had a teachers training day and wouldn't want to be woken up. I went to the bathroom and washed my face then I got dressed and grabbed my bag without getting it ready and rushed downstairs. I put some toast in the toaster, the toaster was slow but that couldn't be helped. I made some coffee and downed it while I waited. The toast still hadn't finished so I took up the time by doing my hair (not well but it would have to do) then when the toast popped up I buttered it hastily and left with it in my mouth. I would have to go without brushing my teeth today. See what I mean about the bad day? - I hadn't even got through the morning. On my way to school - going so fast that the houses were a blur - I tripped and almost fell into a puddle, I didn't, but my breakfast did. I'd just have to go hungry until lunch today. LUNCH!!! Too late now. With a pang I realized I'd forgotten the note Dad had written for me. I changed my mind - this was a very bad day. As a ran I thought about what else could possibly go wrong, and in doing this I wasn't looking where I was going, and ended up smacking hard into someone else who was walking down the street. Ouch!

"Sorry!" I said hastily without actually looking at the poor victim of my clumsiness. I started walking away but the person grabbed my arm and swung me around to face him.

"Sara?" the boy, I realized, was looking at me a worried expression on his face and his golden hair had been flattened down by the rain.

"Ben" I sighed with relief. Ben was my boy best friend, and before you start switching the words around, it wasn't that kind of relationship. He was my best friend. Full stop. "What are you doing here?"

"I didn't think you'd want to be embarrassed in front of the whole class making up some pitiful excuse on why you're late, so I decided to come with you and make it up for you" he grinned

"Ben! I'd rather be embarrassed than make you late too! If you really wanted to make an excuse up for me, you could have gone in and explained why I was going to be late and avoided being late altogether! What will your Mum think?"

"She went to work early so she'll never know. And besides, I didn't think of that did I? Why are you late anyway?"

"I slept in"

"You slept in?"


"I don't believe you" his voice was sarcastic now

"Well you're going to have to because that's what happened" the rain was heavier now so I had to nearly shout so he could hear me, and you'll never guess. I forgot my raincoat. We were nearly at school now. "So what are you going to tell Mrs Fisher?" I asked him as we walked into the yard

"Umm... I'll tell her that you had to take your sister to school and that I met you on the way and went with you" I had nothing to say to that so we just walked in silence across the ground floor of school. That was when things started to get a little bit weird.

The End

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