New Surroundings

I noticed three things simultaneously.

One, I was awake.

Two, it was light.

And three, something was repeatedly touching my hair.

I tried to talk, but nothing came out, and nothing else changed,

My hearing slowly returned, and what I heard made me smile.

"... it's like when I was little and my mum shouted at me 'cause she thought toys were unmanly."

"That's stupid," I muttered, finally getting my voice to work. I opened my eyes, and immediately closed them again. I knew it was light - I hadn't expected it to be that light. Then, slowly, I opened them and saw exactly where I was.

In my tent. Because, of course, my life wasn't the film I wanted it to be.

"Sara, you're awake," Max sounded a strange mixture of relieved and worried. The two emotions seemed to be battling against each other to the point where whatever else he could have said would have just confused me.

"Yes I am," I blinked. "Help me up, I'm all disorientated."

He pulled me into a sitting position and then let the worry take over. "Are you all right? Do you need anything? Did you have a bad dream? Do you want to-?" 

"Max," I sighed. "I'm fine. I need you to stop worrying because I've got a headache and your questions are confusing me."

"How can I not worry? You haven't been awake for almost a fortnight!" He exclaimed quietly.

I waited while my thoughts slowly processed, then said the most sensible thing. "Can we go outside? I feel a bit claustrophobic." 

Max undid the tent flap and led me to a clearing which I had never seen before. It was a strange shape, as though someone had set the trees alight and hoped it wouldn't go out of control. But it was scattered with daises and buttercups, and the grass was soft and much greener than any of the grass I'd seen on this pointless trek so far, which completely defied the idea that it had at any point been on fire. 

The woodland around it was thin, and unlike the woodland in the other clearings, was quite light and peaceful, and it felt safe. 

The sky was clear blue, with not a cloud in sight, but also no sun. There was no wind, and I didn't feel hot or cold, like there was no temperature.

I looked over at Max, who sat next to me. "Where are we?"

He shrugged, leaning back on his elbows. "I don't know."

I grinned, mirroring his actions. "Brilliant."

The End

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