Mud Slide

"Maxwell Motelli, I cannot believe you made me do that," I folded my arms and sat on the floor opposite him. We were all completely drenched in wet, gooey mud because Max had thought the best way of getting across the river was to go through it 'cause it wasn't water anymore so it'd be easier. I could remeber a time when a mud river would have been strange, but normality went out the window long ago.

"He's called Maxwell?" Abbie grinned. Max rolled his eyes.

"I can."

"Yes, I know you can," I sighed dramatically. "'Tis an act of torture unknown!" I put the back of my hand against my forhead and pretended to faint, so he grabbed my arm and pulled me back up.

"Hold still," he ordered. I suddenly felt very, very cold and then very, very wet. I also discovered that I was cleaner than I had been in weeks.

"Oh," I blinked. He smiled and did the same to Abbie. What he'd done was frozen the mud, and then melted it so that it all drained away.  I noticed that he was dry as well as clean. "Hey, how come I'm still wet?"

"Because... give me a moment, I'm working on it," he kissed my forehead. "Right, time to, once again, prove science wrong."


"Fire, Sara."


Abbie lighted a cirlce in the snow infront of us, which promptly burst into flames. We all stood up to begin putting tents together, but then the ground shook violently beneath us. I sank slowly to the ground so that I wouldn't fall over. Max and Abbie saw what I was doing and copied. And then Abbie tapped my shoulder and pointed to the closest moutain, down which a huge, dark mass was cascading, and getting bigger as it grew. It was an image I could only identify, from seeing videos and pictures in Geography lessons, as a mudslide.
And that, according to Miss Kellis, could never be good.

The End

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