I was just getting into a pattern of walking in which I wouldn't tire myself out, when something made me stop. 

Abbie stopped at exactly the same time as me, staring at the scene.

Max came up behind me, wrapping his arms around my waist.

"Now, this can't be real" he said, I could hear the grin in his voice "But I swear the snow just there has started melting"

"That's what I was thinking" I muttered. 

"I think" Abbie said "That the snow is melting"

"But... it's not even the end of December yet" I objected, even though I could clearly see the melting snow. "It's... the twenty ninth..."

"Max, freeze the snow again!" Abbie exclaimed.

"I can't" he told her. "The sun won't let me"

"The SUN?!?!?" I exclaimed so loudly it was almost a shout, spinning around to face him. He smiled and pointed upwards. And there was the sun, shining through the clouds.

It was not right. Of coarse, I noticed that things weren't right when everyone disappeared. But the sun can't exist halfway through winter. Snow can't melt halfway through winter. That would mean winter was ending. In England, winter doesn't normally end 'til February. And the sun just hides itself away unless there are no clouds in the sky whatsoever, another thing that hardly ever happened. 
Like I said, not right.

Not right at all.

The End

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