Enter the Boredom

According to Max, we had to get walking otherwise we wouldn't get back in time. I questioned him after we'd packed everything up. I mean, back to where? 

"Where we started" he grinned.

I rolled my eyes. "Like I've already said, your version of where we started is just ash and deb-"

"Yes yes, ash and debris. That's not the point. I have a theory"

"Oh yes?" Abbie raised an eyebrow. "And what theory would that be?"

"Well, I've been thinking. I have this thing, Sara knows about it. It's like I'm in two places at once. And I can't get out of it unless I have something to concentrate on. But last time I came out of it myself. It seems the further away I get from the cliff, the easier it is to... hmm... stay here, I suppose."

"You said you'd wake me up" I frowned, already letting it go. Holding grudges was the sort of thing that started arguments.

"I couldn't. I woke up halfway through it and I thought it was a dream until the disorientation wore off" he explained softly. "It was too late then" I could tell that he'd been thinking through things that would cause an argument, too. 

"Oh" I muttered. "Sorry"

"S'OK. Anyway, so I thought that if we... I dunno, went back to where started then everything would go back to normal. It sounds stupid now" Max shook his head. 

"No... no, I think that might actually work" I said, going through it in my head. 

"Are you sure?" Abbie looked... well, unsure. 

"Positive" me and Max nodded at the same time. 

"Right then" Max grinned, pulling Abbie and I up at the same time, but keeping his hand in mine. "Let's go"

"Go let's" I grinned back. 

"Betcha can't say it backwards properly" he whispered. 

"I can't. I bet Abbie can, though"  

"Og stel" Abbie smiled. 

"Knew it" I smiled back. 

And then...

And then...

And then...

Max kissed me. He kissed me properly.

I would normally say something like 'enter the boredom'. But the thing was, in this round of walking, I wasn't bored. 

The End

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