The trianlge was Abbie's tradition. Her family consisted of her, her mum and her dad, so it was always a trianlge. The point was that they were all together, and not spread out across a room . Abbie only ever got one present for Christamas, but that was OK, because they were all happy and together.

My tradition was that we made presents for each other. No money spent, just made of stuff that we could find in the house. Even Jasmine made something, which Max found surprizing considering she could break something (like someone's homework, which took them two whole months to finish, and which they worked their socks off to complete) beyond repair. Still, it was all made from the heart, and not at all expensive.

Max rarely got anything for Christmas, but he was happy with that because he got to spend time with his brother. Christmas was the only day off Max's brother ever got, and he got so little pay that he had to postpone bill paying for a year, and then pay them all at once.

But we all seemed to have forgotten about the general tradition of everyone's Christmas, until...

"What was Ben's tradition?" Max asked.

I started to say "His was-"

But Abbie interrupted "Can we just not talk about Ben right now?"

"Why not?" I asked, shocked.

"I just really don't want to talk about him" she said quickly, looking at the ground.

"You've never had much of a problem with it before" Max said.

"We talk about Ben all the time, why not now?" I wondered.

"I just don't want to, OK?" she snapped, turning away from us. Max and I exchanged a worried glance.

"Abbie" I pleaded, putting a hand on her shoulder. "Come on, we didn't mean to upset you"

"Yeah, I just wanted to-" Max broke off because I shot him a shut-up look.

"We wont talk about him" I sigh. "All right?"

"But that's-" Max started. I shot him another 'look' but he tried again.




"I just-"

"I will tell you later" I told him sternly. He sighed and nodded. I understood how he felt, but we couldn't just base it on two-against-one.

"Thanks" Abbie smiled at me. I smiled back.

"I still want to know" Max mumbled.

I lost my temper.

"Max! For God's sake! I said I will tell you later!" I yelled. Why did he have to be so childish sometimes!?

A Christmas tradition I'll never like. Arguing.

The End

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