Christmas Eve

I sat on Max's lap, leaning against him, thinking.
Thinking about how long we'd been out here.
Thinking about how much I missed my family.
Thinking about how much I missed Ben.  
Thinking about the gift I would've given each of them for Christmas.

"What're you thinking about?" Max stroked my hair. It was just us out there, as it often was. Abbie was spending more and more time closed away inside her tent. 

"You know, stuff..." I smiled. 

"Stuff." I could hear his own smile in his voice. "What kind of stuff?"

"Stuff like... what I'm getting tomorrow" 

"Tomorrow? Is it Christmas tomorrow?" Max sounded surprised, but I knew he was faking it. 

"Hmm" I mumbled, closing my eyes. 

"I have got you the best present you will ever get" he muttered in my ear. He wrapped his arms around my torso, and I leaned into them. 

"What is it?" 

"I can't tell you. It's gotta be a surprise"  he squeezed me. I turned myself to face him, he kissed my lips. "Come on. We have to get Abbie out of that tent"

"OK" I kissed him again before getting up. I walked over to Abbies tent and knelt down outside it. "Abbie?" no answer "Abbie?"

"Yeah?" she answered quickly, as if she'd just been having a conversation about me. I ignored it.

"Are you coming out of there?" I asked. 

"Why?" it sounded a bit strangled. Hmm, maybe she had stuff to hide, just like I did.

"Abbie, you don't need freaky time-telling powers to know"


"Abbie. Honestly." I sighed "It's Christmas Eve"

The End

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