On Our Way

"We need a game to play" I said, looking expectantly at Max.

"So very true" Abbie raised an eyebrow at him.

"What? I have nothing" Max shook his head. " 'Sides, it's too dangerous in this weather"

"Killjoy" I muttered.

"I'm gonna pretend I didn't hear that, Sara. I think we should get moving" he said, sounding serious.

"Um, no" I gave him an are-you-crazy? look. 

"We can't go anywhere in this weather" Abbie emphasised the last three words.

"Exactly. It's too dangerous" I followed her example and used his words. We both gave him two-against-one looks. 

"Hey, if we're going back to your house, we need to get going"

"My house?" I folded my arms "You mean the non-existent one? Or the one that's currently a pile of bricks and ashes?"

"You only have one house"

"I don't have a house, like I've just been reminding you"

"That was not my fault" Mac got al defensive

"Never said it was"

"What the heck are you guys going on about?" Abbie pushed in.

"Oh, well-" I started

"Doesn't matter" Max interrupted

"Max was-"

"I said-"

"Making breakfast, and-"


"And it-"

"Sara. You dare"

"Exploded" I finished. 

"You exploded the breakfast?" Abbie asked, and then burst out laughing.

"Yes, so he's right in saying the house burning down wasn't his fault. The explosion, however, was" I grinned. He clenched his teeth. 

"We're still leaving" he told us.

"I still vote staying" Abbie grinned.

"Same here" I smiled. Then our whole makeshift camp site flashed brightly. Me and Max looked at Abbie, and she shook her head, looking confused. Thunder rolled loudly above us, but it seemed like it was everywhere.  

"Let's go!" I exclaimed at the same time as Abbie.

The End

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