Chapter Five

Rosa led Douglas down a corridor, nodding politely at everyone she passed. Douglas opted for a reluctant smile instead, scaring a couple of the nurses. They reached the end and she looked out of the window, checking on the patients who were enjoying the outside.

"He's in here." A nurse popped out from one of the rooms, a little smile on her face. "Henry still isn't feeling alright." She returned into the room.

"He's mine." Douglas placed his hand on Rosa's shoulder, trying to hold her back.

"I thought we had this discussion, Douglas. They are all both of our patients. Not just yours or mine. So if you don't mind, I'll take a look as well." Deciding not to start an argument that he was sure he'd lose, he entered Henry's room, frowning as Rosa followed.

"What happened?" Douglas asked, checking the chart at the end of Henry's bed.

"Bad dream - that's all he keeps saying. We got some unusual brain patterns and he wouldn't wake up when we tried, but other than that, he seems fine now." The nurse spoke quickly, clearly eager to get out of the room. "I'll leave you to it. I have other patients that need my help."

Rosa offered her a kind smile and a knowing nod, stepping over to Henry and offering him her hand.

"Hello Henry. My name is Dr Gardener. Are you alright?"

He had curled up on his bed and refused to move his knees away from their protective place in front of his face. She could see that he was sobbing but couldn't get to him.

"Hen. It's Doug. Fancy a chat?" He had sat down on the edge of the bed and was smiling. "It's only me." He turned and ushered Rosa out of the room, which she did, shocked at seeing him being friendly.

"I'll check on Angela." She whispered as she left, closing the door behind her.

"So, Hen. What happened?" Douglas moved closer to his patient, offering him a sympathetic smile. Slowly, the man unfurled, stretching his legs out. "Bad dream." He muttered.

"Tell me about it?"

"No." Henry retreated to his safe position and no matter how hard Douglas tried, he refused to come back, only saying "Bad dream.".

Giving up, Doug got off of the bed and was about to leave when he noticed Henry's nightlight was on the floor.

"Henry - was this light on when you went to sleep?" Doug was holding it up, showing the frightened man.

"No. Bad dream." The man started sobbing again.

"Right." With an angry fire in his eyes, Doug left the room, brandishing the light. He stormed down the corridor to find the nurse. She stepped backwards, aware of what was about to happen when he opened his mouth. He started shouting.

The End

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