Chapter Four

When Doug got up the following morning, after escorting his friend out, he checked his mobile, listening intently to the message. Seconds later, he threw the phone down, not caring about the large crack that appeared on the screen.

With a growl, he grabbed some clothes, pulling them on as quickly as he could.

He slammed the door to his apartment shut, swearing as he realised that he had left his keys inside.

* * * * *

After Rosa had finished in her garden, she had just fallen asleep in her chair, neglecting the beep of her pager and the tone of her phone.

When she woke, they were the first things that she attended to, knowing that her partner would probably already be there, screaming his head off. She sighed, getting into her little car and driving off.

* * * * *

"This is exactly why you need me here at all times." Doug was stood at reception, yelling at the girl that had no clue about what was going on about.

"I'm sorry, sir. Please calm down." her voice wavered in fear, her hands trembling as she fumbled for the security button hidden under the desk.

"I will not calm down. Two patients nearly died last night. I could have averted that particular fiasco much sooner but no, you see it best to keep me away from them, claiming that a nurse is suffient." He slammed his hands on the desk, not caring about the disapproving looks from the other staff members.

"Please sir. Please just take a seat and I will see who can come and help." her finger prodded the button, wishing that someone would have told her what to expect.

"It's alright, Melanie. I'll take it from here."

A small voice came from the doorway - it was a little woman with a slightly tanned face and greying hair; she had the look of a young Miss Marple who had just been on holiday. She looked like a gentle, caring woman who couldn't harm a fly. That was why Melanie, the receptionist, was very surprised when the angry man suddenly stopped shouting at the sound of her voice, turned and shook a little, almost cowering at her presence.

"Come along Dr Eliander. We don't want to scare anyone anymore. And you know that you don't want to get on my bad side." She smiled, walking down the corridor at a slow pace, being followed by the much larger man, wiping the sweat from his brow.

The End

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