Chapter Three

Things weren’t looking good at Winterdown Psychiatric Hospital.

Two of the patients were dying as they slept. But it was more than that; the circumstances were wrong.

One man was dying of oxygen starvation, despite the fact that nothing was restricting his airways.

One woman looked as if she had been hit with a blunt object and was losing a lot of blood, despite the fact that none of the nurses could find any evidence for it.

Nobody knew what to do. They needed a doctor, but they had all gone. All 6 of them. Odd.

* * * * *

“Hello. This is the mobile of Dr Douglas Eliander. Please leave a message after the beep.”

As his phone rang, Douglas was in bed. He wasn’t alone.

* * * * *

“Hey! This is Rosa Gardener. I’ll get back to you as soon as possible!”

As her phone rang, Rosa was out in the garden, pulling weed after weed from her garden.

*  * * * *

The two sleeping people were near to death when the fire alarm went off. In a second, everybody was woken and helped to a safe place outside, despite the fact that it was only a test run.

Henry took a deep breath as he woke up.

Angela held her head as she woke up.

The dreams hadn’t taken them. More by luck than judgement.

But they all knew – somebody wasn’t going to be happy.

The End

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