If you dare

Nikki quickly screams until NightMare Nicole has her hand up and that shuts her right up. "Well peasents it's my turn with you. Muwhaha. Pick a telepotor and if you don't pick the right one...well you'll see, Muwhaha." She pointa to the door that we came in and it locks. And she is gone. Austin trys to step on one when Grace quickly says. "Austin NO! You don't know if thats the right one and anyway.....Theirs a secret door right their" Grace said while poiting to a black spot on the wall. They all run right thurgh to see that they ended up in the beging of a maze. "Hi kids i'm Nicholas Nap! Can you help me find my base ball cap? If you do I will help you get to the next place!" "Alright." Kelly says. They all run thur the twists and turns of the maze to find Nicholas with four other base ball caps. "Good job guys. Here. Anyway run right thur the door to get to the next person. Her name is Rachel Rest! They all run thur to find them selves in a pool!

The End

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