The Dream that you can't escape

This story has all rights to the girl I think her user name was coolcat on roblox. This story is about 4 people who go in a car carcharsh and end up in a dream land

One day Grace went to the store to get some food. Well Grace and 3 friends named Kelly, Austin, and Nikki! Little did they know that they would be in a car accident! As they where driving home BAM, SMASH.....hello dream world. They all wake up to find them selves in a new world. "Where are we guys." Nikki asked. "Oh new vistors. Hi i'm Daisy Dream may I ask who you are?" "AAAAAAAAAAA" They all screamed. "Oh don't worry i'm on the good side! I'm here to help you escape your dream land....Their are three bad people. The only one I know is Night Mare Nicloe Shes the reason you have bad dreams!" Daisy says "Oh a can you tell us where to go." Austin says. Daisy points to a larg door. "The first person you will meet it Sammy Soonze!" They all walk thourgh the door and in to a night club. "Hi kids I'm Sammy Soonze and your clue is.... Find the man with out one shoe!" "Kelly, Austin, Nikki! Look." Cried Gracie pointing to a man with one shoe. They all start walking  when they get their they collapes in a heap and into a room. When they walk thourgh the find NightMare Nicole!

The End

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