Chapter 3 (Connor)

The Dream

It was roughly about ten o’clock when Connor went to bed. Before this he had supped on a chicken kiev, mashed potatoes and mixed vegetables, and enjoyed another board game with his family, this time with his uncle as well. 

Before he fell asleep he heard the same voice he had heard earlier: the one which had said “Monda te requia, homo sapiens.”

This time it said, “Aya te miralla,” which Connor couldn’t guess the meaning of at all, save that ‘te’ could mean ‘you’.

That night Connor dreamt. He dreamt he was standing in the clearing of a forest. The forest floor was a bed of soft pine needles, illuminated by the moon so that it seemed like they were glowing. Around him stood firs - tall, dark firs - which unnervingly seemed to be watching him. A few metres away lay a boy. The boy had light blonde hair, snow-pale skin... and a pair of great white wings that made Connor stare.

‘Where am I?’ he thought, looking around at the trees, and the words came out as audible speech. Connor quickly glanced at the boy with wings. He was still asleep, and he seemed so serene and natural a sight, there upon the needles, sleeping in the middle of a forest.

Unwittingly Connor found himself thinking, and therefore saying, “He’s so beautiful.”

The boy stirred. Connor stepped back, alarmed. The needles beneath his feet crunched and Connor winced at their volume.

The boy awoke and looked up for the source of the noise. Seeing Connor, he hastily scrambled to his feet.

“Boy!” he said. “You must be Connor!”

‘Whoa.’ How did he know Connor’s name? The boy blinked. Connor felt uncomfortable with how his thoughts weren’t private here.

“Who are you?” he asked the boy warily, trying to ignore the disturbing fact. He glanced at the boy’s wings. “Are you an angel?”

The boy laughed, startling Connor.

“No! I’m Thomegg. Thomegg Minoa.” He walked forwards, a hand outstretched. “A pleasure to meet you, Connor.”

“How do you know my name?” Connor demanded, refusing to shake the boy’s hand when it reached him.

Thomegg put his hand down, looking self-conscious.

“I’ve been assigned to be your partner. We’re on a mission to chase away the Darkness which has been consuming the hearts of my people. You like helping people, don’t you?”

Connor was bewildered. His partner? A mission? Darkness?

“How do you know I like helping people?” He gazed into unerringly captivating twilit starry eyes, searching for a clue. But Thomegg’s gaze was unfathomable. He had to rely on Thomegg’s response of “A dragon knew” which was accompanied by a casual shrug. Thomegg was reacting to his defensive puzzlement very calmly.

“A dragon?” Connor repeated, dumbfounded. ‘What sort of a dream is this?’

Thomegg didn’t answer that thought and nodded to the previous question.

“We can visit him if you like but first we must see an angel.” He grinned as if he and Connor were already great friends. “A real angel.”

The End

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