The Dream Life of Rand McNally

The international cartographer extraordinaire has had some pretty fantastic adventures in his youth...

Setting down his compass and removing his glasses, Rand McNally turned from his maps for the evening.  He leaned back in his comfortable desk chair, turning it outward to face his cozy library and surveying it fondly.  After a moment he rose slowly and meandered to the books snoozing on the mantelpiece.  McNally perused their worn spines with the tip of his thin finger, finally resting it on a faded, unmarked leather-bound volume.  He considered it a moment, then took it down from its place with a touch of difficulty; this one was a bit heavier than he'd remembered.

McNally eased himself into his favorite chair, laying the book on his lap.  He ran his hands over the cover tenderly.  "My first map collection," he mused to himself with a smile, gently opening the old book.  A few neatly folded pages stirred in the front cover; McNally looked these over briefly with a fond, nostalgic glint in his eye.  He thumbed through the book quickly, the pages stopping wherever more sheets of paper managed to sneak their way in.  Occasionally he'd pause to look at the vast notes scrawled in the margins, or even over vast tracts of carefully drawn landmasses.  Upon the wizened cartographer's examination, much to his amusement, very few of these notes actually had to do with geography, country boundaries, or anything related to his beloved maps.  Rather, they detailed snippets of his innumerable adventures in all corners of the globe.  He looked between the book and his library, shaking his head with a smile.

"Used to be on the move way back when," he chuckled, "always so restless; who'd have thought I would've finally settled down to this?"

He spent the rest of his evening perusing this old journal of his, and drifted off to reminisce in the stories of his past...

The End

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